You are here to seek more information about counseling. Making the decision to seek counseling is a big decision. A decision that is made to explore and work through life situations that¬† you are facing. Seeking counseling is a way to not manage these life situations alone. A client and therapist can meet for a handful of sessions upward to several years, depending on each client’s needs and goals for their life of wellness.

Counseling when conducted with a participative approach brings both the client and counselor as active participants to the relationship. The initial phase of counseling provides the opportunity to establish goals coupled with steps to achieve the goals. A counselor offers support while listening attentively and models a healthy, positive relationship while providing meaningful feedback. Counselors hold a deep sensitivity to the life trends and challenges while listening to their clients.

Counseling is not about giving advice, rather it is about hosting an environment where clients become informed and feel safe and comfortable in making the best decision for their own life. Having an experienced counselor with a broad perspective on the problem can help draw conclusions and make new decisions.